• Lance Burley | Burley Electrical
    South Florida Residential & Commercial Electrician
  • Lance Burley | Burley Electrical
    Master Electricians in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton & Pompano Beach
  • Lance Burley | Burley Electrical
    South Florida Residential & Commercial Electrician
  • Master Electricians in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton & Pompano Beach
  • Lance Burley | Burley Electrical
    South Florida Residential & Commercial Electrician
  • Master Electricians in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton & Pompano Beach
  • Lance Burley | Burley Electrical
    South Florida Residential & Commercial Electrician

House Electrical Panel, 200 AMP, Breaker & Fuse, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Outlet & Wiring Upgrade Services

Burley Electrical Services is locally owned and operated to supply commercial businesses and residential homes of Southern Florida with a multitude of electrical services. Since 1984, we have possessed all credentials; licensing and insurance, to perform fast, efficient, affordable, and professional services. Burley Electrical Services utilizes high-end equipment, products, and tools and in conjunction with our expertise and skills, we deliver premium results. Burley Electrical Services technicians apply family-friendly customer service, uphold a high moral standard, and execute superior services consistently to continue to provide you with electrical services for life.

Upgrading to Electrical Wiring Codes

Burley Electrical Services provides the commercial and residential customers of South Florida with electrical upgrade services. Electrical upgrades can be included any time you are adding on to your home or business, remodeling, or simply need to bring the electrical system to code or improve the safety. Burley Electrical Services technicians are proficient in many aspects of the electrical industry and can help determine the electrical upgrades your home or business requires.

Electrical upgrades can include, but are not limited to, the following:
 200 AMP Upgrade Service
 Breaker and Fuse Upgrade Service
 Ground Fault Interrupt Circuits (GFIC) Upgrade Service
 Service and Panel Updates and Upgrade Services

Upgrading to 200 AMP Service Electrical Panel

Burley Electrical Services 200 AMP Upgrade Service is an example of a needed electrical upgrade if you plan to construct a new spa, home theater, home office, or another similar project that requires additional power usage. To accommodate the surging power that is being added to your regular use, upgrading to the 200 AMP is essential. Burley Electrical Services technicians can perform the 200 AMP upgrade service to help your electrical system run more efficiently. If you are renovating, or adding onto your South Florida home or business and are not certain of the upgrades needed, Burley Electrical Services can come to your location, assess the situation and list the recommendations that will better suit your needs.

Breaker & Fuse Replacement

Burley Electrical Services breaker and fuse upgrade service comes into play when your home or business is lacking sufficient power. When there are a lot of electrical issues throughout your South Florida home or business, it isn’t necessarily due to some major electrical project that’s going to cost an arm or a leg, but merely a simple and very affordable breaker and fuse upgrade performed by Burley Electrical Services technician. Older residential homes and commercial businesses are especially susceptible to the electrical needs being insufficient, if you believe your home or business is in need of an electrical breaker and fuse upgrade, trust in Burley Electrical Services experts.

Installation of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Outlets

A GFCI, or ground fault circuit interrupter is a device installed in every commercial and residential structure throughout Southern Florida to prevent the hazards of electric shock and electrical fires. If an outlet is poorly installed, it can cause critical injury or death. There are approximately 300 deaths a year caused by electrocution dispensed by a poor outlet installation. The GFCI is engineered to offer the homeowners and business owners protection electrical shocks and burns. Burley Electrical Services offers a GFCI upgrade to the commercial buildings and residential homes of the Greater South Florida area to protect you from the potential dangers posed from outlets. Burley Electrical Services specialists can install the GFCI in the outlets throughout the building to protect the residents and visitors from electrical harm. The GFCI will power down the outlet in the event that there is abnormality in the electrical current.

Electrical Panel Upgrade Service

Burley Electrical Services offers a service and panel upgrade service to South Florida’s businesses and homes that have electrical panels 20 years or so. The panels are only constructed to last anywhere between 20-30 years and need to be upgraded accordingly. If you have any of the following that apply to your home or business, a panel upgrade is highly recommended.
 Current panel isn’t up to code with the current electrical standards.
 The need to add additional circuits, but the panel is not equipped to take on add-ons.
 Panel and/or circuit is corroded or rusted.
 If the panel is featured with fuses as opposed to circuit breakers.
 The breakers trip excessively.
 If your panel is a Federal Pacific Panel
 Additions, remodels, or renovations are being performed on your home or business.

Electrical Upgrade Services in Pompano Beach, Boca Raton, Davie, Fort Lauderdale & South Florida

Burley Electrical Services is eager and happy to provide any electrical upgrade services you may require. Call us today to get started!